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Remote Iniatiation Peers !!!


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Hellow everyone

1-on my desktop: after port forwording and cofigering the firewall, i get only REMOTE INIATIATION

is that ok? is better to get some LOCAL INIATIATION with that? how?

2-on my laptop: i connect through wireless connection through public connection (cafee)

what is the best sitting for bitcomet and what is the best configration to my computer and firewall

to get the best downloads?

thanks :)

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If you're getting all remote initiations, no problem. If you're getting none, problem. Lack of local is not a problem. Unusual, but not a problem of itself.

You'll need to be careful using public connections for P2P. Many businesses prohibit it, or don't like it and will ban you if you make a habit of grabbing most of their bandwidth every time you come in. The most important aspect is to sharply limit your global maximum upload speed. Trouble is, if you limit it enough to avoid causing trouble, your download speed will be so low it's not worth doing.

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