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download speeds

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Fast totally depends on the particular torrent and your ISP connection speeds.

Have you gone through the Settings Guide in my sig to make sure your portforwarded and set the right upload cap???

I consider fast to be double whatever your upload speed is.

Here is a really fast torrent you can test to see what speeds you can get


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my download is real slow, as higest i mayby get 20/kbs i used bearshare untill now and there my downloadspeed was around 2mbit/s i´ve got 2mbit/s dsl and im wodering if someone can help me plz

The most common reason that your speed will be slow is if you have a router that is blocking Bitcomet's port. Do you have a router and which one is it??? Also what software antivirus/firewall do you use???

The second most common reason that your speeds are slow is because the torrent your downloading does not have enough seeds/peers or sources/partial sources as they're called in Bearshare. Did you try that torrent I linked to earlier? What kind of speeds did that one give you???

The third most common reason is because you have not set the Global Max Upload Rate in Bitcomet's preferences. If you dont set this then your uploading will flood your connection and your computer will not be able to talk to the people your downloading from which will cause your download speed to suffer. What did you set your Global Max Upload Rate at???

And the fourth most common reason is that some ISPs throttle Bittorrent traffic, now Im not saying that yours does but it's a possibility if the first three reasons are not the problem. Who is your ISP???

Most of these questions I at least try to answer in the Settings Guide in my sig below.

If you still would like more help please answer the questions asked and I will help as best I can.

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