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i recently downloaded "dawn of the dead" and when i burned it to disc the sound was almost nonexsistent. I have my surround sound cranked up all the way and can barely hear it. can anyone tell me if there is a way to boost the sound before i burn it? i have converted to divx, was xvid ac3 dvd rip.

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Why did you convert from xvid to divx?

What did you use to convert and did you convert the sound to something else like mp3.

Are you running this Divx from a Divx certified DVD player?

usually the Divx DVD players will also play Xvid and definitely will play AC3

if you've never tried an Xvid file in your DVD player then now is a good time to start if you still have the original video file.

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i'm new to all of this and didn't know if xvid would play on my divx player. i used divx converter that came with the divx program i purchased. and yes the player is divx certified, has the logo and evrything! the file has sound, its just low and was wondering if there was a way to make it louder.

p.s. i also have the ac3 tool

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I would say since you've never tried an Xvid file before now is a good time to try.

If you still have the original file burn it to a data disc directly and see if it will play.

Also you can check here and look up your particular DVD player to get more info about it as to what formats it plays.

Also you can see people comments about it and any problems it may have with various formats.

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Well i dont know anything about your Divx converter program but I do know that you can raise the volume when reencoding using VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod.

If using Vdub make sure to set the Video option to direct stream copy.

Then there is an option under Audio to adjust the volume when reencoding the audio

(i dont think you can use direct stream copy for the audio since you want to change the volume).

Since the process of reencoding can be complex let me point you here


if you scroll down there are many guides for virtualdub and one of them should help you figure it what you need to do.

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