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need help!!


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As long as your ratio is above 1.0 and there are other seeds for the torrent then go ahead and stop the torrent.

And in the future there is an option in Bitcomets preferences under Task where you can set at what ratio you want the torrents to stop uploading.

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When you've completely downloaded the file, and are now seeding it, check for the number of peers who are downloading from you. If there are still people trying to download the file, then do please keep seeding until they get all of it. OTOH, if there are none, it seems like nobody wants the thing, so you may want to just drop it.

Trackers that keep ratios distort this equation. If you are trying to increase your upload ratio, then you may want to just leave the torrent seeding even if nobody is downloading it at the moment. (A seeded torrent with no takers has a negligible effect on your system, so it's not hurting you in any way to do that.) Somebody may come along later to download from you, so that'll help your ratio.

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