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I have a concern about my download/upload speed. I have version DSL and I am only downloading around 5-10kb\s I thought that 25kb\s which was the fastest i have ever reached was amazingly fast when i hit it But then i went to the forms and saw that that is very very low i see people with 100 200 300 even 800 Download speed, and a very high upload speed. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem thanks also my upload speed is at 94 while download is only 5-10

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read all the FAQ's and find the settings for BC. you should be ok then.

how much is your download speed depends from you bandwidth. From this you told I supposed you have 1Mbit DSL this means your max speed download or upload could be 128KB/s but this is only if your connection is 1Mbit - you should check how exactly is your bandwidth. you at least should have download speed = upload speed. But remember no matter how fast connection you have you are always dependent on the peers and seeders upload speed.

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