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downloads not downloading ( always connecting)

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DHT is a side issue. I do wish it weren't so prominently placed. You don't need it. Ignore it. Get everything else working, and come back to it afterwards.

Main thing to look at now is the trackers tab, to see what the tracker for the torrent(s) you're trying to download, are telling you. This is the first thing to check in this situation. Inability to connect almost always indicates a problem talking to the tracker, and this is where you'll find out what the problem is. When there are problems, you'll often see numeric error codes. These are WinSock errors, not BitComet or tracker errors. So look for them that way to find out what they mean.

Some of the problems are temporary, and you just need to wait for them to clear up, usually within 30 minutes. Others are permanent and fatal, meaning you're never going to download that torrent and you need to find another with the same material. You will probably be able to determine that from the error your getting.

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