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Evertime I start BC .7 my virtually all my computer systems start to lag expecially the internet. This seems to happen weather or not I am doing ANY DL/UL I am runn DSL with 1.5 up and 768 down and my task manager show very little CPU usage and 114,000 K of memory usage what's up with that?

Please help if you can

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Yes... I encounter this problem too. I dont have this problem with previous version. Every time i start to download other application seems to get lag. For example, when i'm using winamp the sound will start to lag once in a while. Not just winamp but other applications too, but if i exit bit comet, it doesn't have this problem

Is it the disk cache problem? Please help!!!!

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try to put for max and min disk cache size:100MB in the options, also uncheck auto choose cache size in the given range, minimizing to system tray, close to system tray, start minimized, auto start BC on win startup, autoresume tasks on BC startup, show welcome page and show intro view, enabel balloon tray notification, add torrentmake to contex menu at runtime, check for updates at startup; check avoid system entering suspend mode when task is running,

also you can try to set socket send buffer size to max allowed.

make clean install of 0.70

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