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extracting game files


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I too have downloaded star wars empire at war

I have all the downloaded files in one file

when I go to extract them to another file it does it fine for the first one

then when I try to extract the next one it says 'do i want to replace the next first with the next'

I sya no, because I think I must need all the files for the game

so then it says 'no files to extract'

the unrared file comes to 2.01gb

is this enough for the game?

the downloaded package comes with 14 rared files

but it seems they are all the same

the scrren shot shows the unrared file

any help would be good


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If the file extensions are sequentially numbered, then this is a multi-part archive. You only need to tell WinRAR to extract the first one, and it will find/extract from all the others on its own in a single, smooth process. Once it's done, you're done with the archive.

When you try to extract another part of it, it naturally asks you if you want to overwrite what you already extracted. Since you don't, you tell it "no", but it has already extracted everything in the archive, so there's nothing else for it to do.

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