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Faster Downloading speeds

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I've been using torrents for a while now, and I always thought that slow speeds like 20kb/s were just normal for torrents. But recently I've heard from people that they are downloading torrents at 100kb/s NORMALLY and sometimes get up to 800kb/s!!!

I don't have a slow internet connection, it's not cable but I'm pretty sure it's the fastest that DSL can get. My torrent speeds are set to unlimited on bitcomet. Is there anything I can do to increase how much I download per second? Or does it just depend on my internet connection and how many people are seeding a certain torrent?

Any help would be great, thank you! :(

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Yes, you should limit your upload, also find out if your ISP throttles bittorrent. I know SBC/AT&T does. Read through our settings guide to set up BitComet for your connection/computer. Since you're new to this do not patch service pack 2, its a lot more trouble than its worth.

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