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resuming downloads on other computer?

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible.

My battery on my laptop died right after I was able to transfer some files to my other one. (until next week, I have no battery for that) So I thought, why not try to resume my download on this laptop?

I put the files in the Download folder, and the torrent file in the right folder... opened it... but it's acting like there wasn't any data to begin with. It was 97% done when my battery started dying on the other computer. >_<

I didn't expect it to work so easily, but I was wondering if there IS a way anyway? :unsure:

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Stop the torrent and do a manual hash check. If you've got the location right, it will (slowly) check the partial file, and pick up where it left off. If it doesn't, you've got the location wrong.

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