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I am new to using BitComent and I don't want to be one that doesn't help out others. But I am having a hard time Seeding Can someone help me. I am behind a Wireless Cable modem that does have NAT/Firewall. I know the firewall part is off but I was wondering how do I get around the NAT with out turning it off. Thanks

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Turning off the firewall is a lot like taking your front door of the hinges because you had trouble with the lock. In most neighborhoods, that's not a good solution. The internet is not a good neighborhood.

Being able to seed is not different from being able to download at reasonable speed. If you can do one, you can do the other with the same network setup. If something is preventing you from seeding, that something will also prevent you from getting good download speeds, because all the other swarm members will snub you as unresponsive.

NAT itself is no big deal, and most people don't need to give it another thought. Connections initiated by NAT translations are a problem because they shouldn't be happening if your port/firewall situation is configured correctly. NAT translations are a second best, and a long way second. The correct number to have is zero. You should have local and remote connections only. If you don't have remotes, you need to keep working with your network config until you do.

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