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i am new, i have a few questions


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hello, i am really new to this thing and i was wondering which bit comet should i download for watching movies only? and are the movies good quality? and which site is the best for downloading the movies?

thank you

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BitComet, like all bittorrent clients, doesn't really know or care about the contents of what it's downloading, so your question doesn't really have an answer. There is no "best" in terms of what you're downloading. It's the wrong criterion. What matters is which client works best for you and is easiest for you to use. Once you've downloaded whatever it is, bittorrent's job is done. As far as versions, you should go with the current version, 0.70

Downloaded movies are of highly variable quality and depend greatly on the source of the movie. If they are rips of DVD's (or even full copies) then the quality is quite high. If they are in-cinema camera recordings, they can be unwatchable. You'll learn the difference as you go along.

There really isn't any one best site for downloading movies, as many of them carry about the same things. There are other factors that come into play. These, too, you'll learn as you go along.

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