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Remember me soraiya, its bit_comet .7 logged in as bitcomet .7.

See, u can't ban me , I can log in whenever I want, Yea I am that SMART unlike YOU.

I wanted to tryout this software and download some stuff but now I understand why people who uses genuine software and organisations prohibit the use of piracy.

Its because of thieves like u who destroys their ruputation and hard work.

Obviously I will get good answers in other forums because other forums will have smart people who will answer my intelligent questions and who says no to piracy.

Its funny,theives like u also have rules,HAHAHHAHA.

Thats it,I will go back to using genuine software like before.

Don't forget u r just a criminal who downloads pirated software(copyrighted material) and those other dumb low lifes who came to my thread.

Now if whatever things u or anybody say against me here, all those things r u and them.

Thats it, I am outta here and never coming back to this s*** HOLE EVER.

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Your posts still do not make any sense. Good luck on those other forums. These are some of the nicest you'll find. And just wait until they get tired of your attitude and inability to listen or explain yourself.

You had several people who are more intelligent then you will ever be try to help you out. And you wouldn't work with them. Instead of explaining weather you tried something and if it did or did not work you just yelled at people. And then you wonder why people gave you crap.

Good luck on the rest of the net newbie.

P.S. Download managers do not speed up downloads. They just manage or control the data.

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