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Import question: Is there a MINIMUM upload to allow full download as in eMule?


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I really need to know this because I just turned everything onto "no limit" and with the maximum upload of 20-25kb/s my download just drops from 250 down to 70-80kb.

So I REALLY need to know whether Bitcomet or Torrents in general demand a minimum upload speed setting in order to allow maximum download.

e.g. in eMule you have to set the minimum upload speed to 11kb in order to get full bandwidth download.

In Azureus I think you need 6kb or something like that.

So, is there some kind of minimum the servers demand or BitComet demands? Or can I set my upload to whatever I want and it will work until my quota drops to like 0.1?

And do the servers receive the overall quota of my BitComet (for instance if I had downloaded a total of 200GB and uploaded a total of 100GB, would the servers get this info) or do the servers only register the quota/ratio for the file I just started to download.

And do the servers see what my setting for the upload speed is or just see at which speed I am currently uploading (so you know whether it is better to limit the upload speed inside Bitcomet or inside NetLimiter)?

I think these questions would help a lot of people find the ideal settings and participate more effectively.

Thank you and I hope someone will be willing to help me.

Kindest regards.

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You are mistaken, in that Bittorrent is nothing like eDonkey, or Gnutella, or any other P2P network. You can't successfully import concepts from them, they do not apply.

First: there are no servers. None. At all. Bittorrent does not use file servers. Bittorrent uses trackers, but trackers are nothing at all like servers, and they don't measure or control the transfers. They're not even aware of the transfers.

Second: All transfers are between individuals. The swarm is an anarchy. There are no rules, and nothing to enforce any rules if there were any.

Azureus, for example, has no such limit and no such rule.

Bittorrent clients use greedy algorithms to try to maximize their download speeds. Once you have configured the client correctly, you can leave it alone to do its best under the current network circumstances. The clients will swap pieces with one another, and the algorithm favors the best connections with the most to offer. If you want your connection to be favored, you have to offer a lot. If you don't you will be snubbed.

If your upload speed is too high, it will choke your connection and you'll be snubbed because you never respond. If your upload speed is too low, you'll be snubbed because you're too slow. You need to hit the right balance on your upload speed. Limit it to your measured upstream capacity if you're doing nothing else, or to 80% or so of your capacity if you're also websurfing, emailing, etc. at the same time.

Snubbing is an individual decision -- my client deciding to snub or unsnub yours, choking or unchoking yours. This is repeated over the entire swarm. Any appearance of organization or coordination is, however, an illusion.

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