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Stuck at 99.6 percent

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Hopefully someone has come across this before. I'm downloading a file that keeps fluctuating between 99.6 and 99.7 percent complete. There are 9 seeds, 41 peers and the download and upload speeds are still good (I don't care really how long it takes, but I want to see SOME progress for the bandwith I'm using!). What really gets me is that I noticed a few peers who started after me completed the file to 100% (I took notice of the IP address), so I KNOW it's not a bad torrent!

The router I'm using is a Billion BiPAC 7405 VGP-M that was just purchased recently. I've set up port forwarding so that both my listen port (5000) and the torrent ports (6881-6999) are open and I've checked that I can see them through canuseeme.

Windows Firewall is off...tried that too.

It's like I'm downloading nothing but rubbish data...and this isn't the only torrent that's done this. The previous one I tried to download did the exact same thing!

Any help or ideas?

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That's all you need to do -- bar making sure Peer Guardian really is running.

Blocking the IP is probably futile -- nothing says that remaining fractional percentage is actually out there to be downloaded. It's the way poisioned torrents often work. That download will never complete. You'll just have to start over with a different torrent. Check the comments or related forum on the download site for help in avoiding these.

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