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Controlling the Download/Upload Rate via external file


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I have a network so, we share the internet connection, and i am the only one who ueses this program.

I always face a problem that my Pc taking most of the connection.

I wish if there is an external file .txt for example contains the Global Max Download Rate & Global Max Upload Rate

like this:

Global Max Download Rate=20;

Global Max Download Rate=20;

so, i can share the file folder with the network members so any member can edit it.

I think there is many people have the same problem.

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You can limit BC like 50% of your connection in the busy hours and let it 100% when most of the network users are sleeping. It can be changed in bitcomet.xml file but they need to calculate everytime what is the right number to put there and when the file is edited BC must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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this about my home network.

if i am outside no buddy can limit my connection (we use a DSL modem).

and about the external file, the program can read the file every 5 minutes for example.

You Can Add a checkbox at the preferences to enable or disable this thing.

I really need it.

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