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importing incomplete download

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This is normally very straightforward.

First thing is to get the download directory location straight. If you're basically replacing Bittorrent with BitComet, then set your BC default download directory to the same place -- which presumably contains your partial download. If you have a different default download directory for BC, then you'll have to adjust the download directory for that particular torrent once you've loaded it into BC

Make note of how much of the file you've downloaded. Load the same .torrent file into BitComet, stop the torrent, and do a manual hash check on it. This should trundle along for a while, then end up showing the same percent completed that Bittorrent left off at. If it completes quickly and says "0%", then you've got the download directory location wrong, and need to adjust that until you get it right.

Then just start the torrent in Bitcomet and it should continue right along.

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