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Hello everybody!

I have been downloading a movie, who had hundreds of seeds. But when (yesterday) it reaches 99,9% it stopped downloading the rest of the file. And reamins only 256KB to finish. If i could be more specific, i could tell you that its still downloading, but all of the data is being ignored, I mean, discarded. Anything different happens to explain that.

I began another download to check, and it's going well.

I dont know if it could be a bug.

Does it has any relation with the software? Or am I really f***** up?


Vinicius Kopcheski

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First, I'm sorry for the wrong post.

I performed the hash test, and it runs until 99.9%.

Actually it's not connected to any seed, but somethings it connects to one, and its the maximum I got.

You told about a commom trouble at 99.9%. Is there something else i can do?


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it could possibily no1 else has the complete file either, so hense no1 can give u the remaining 0.1%. dunoo just giving my 2 cents

Yes, that's most likely the case since the person who created the torrent may have modified a file (probably a text file) after creating the .torrent file.

Check the filelist to see of all critical files are complete -- if they are and some insignificant file is incomplete, then everything should be fine.

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I may be a newcomer but I think I have a related problem.

I'm recently downloading a torrent of 1 file, a video file actually (170MB) that is very popular (3000+health) with lots of seeders (and no more hints as to what it is :P )

I began a couple of days ago and had to restart because of the 99% limit (i had already reached 700MB of rubbish :angry: )

When I restarted I noticed that this torrent, compared to others I had downloaded already, was incredibly fast, but the catch was that 50% of the data was rubbish. Right now (1:45am Colombian time 10-08-06) I'm still 50MBs short and nowhere near completion with 480MBs of rubbish :blink:

I know it's not a seeding problem because 35 out of 40 of my peers are genuine seeders (fully downloaded) and the manual hash check says it's all A-okay.

Every 15 minutes or so 256kbs are successfully downloaded but I fear that I'll just reach the 99% limit and end up with who knows how many gigs of cr@p :(

If anyone could explain to me what is the discarded rubbish, how it's generated and if I have a problem with the client or if there is any solution to this problem it'd be very grateful


Sorry, I forgot to read the updated faq and if my problem is what is described in there that means I'm screwed


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