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Two Questions

1) What is the recommended ratio of leeching and seeding. Once you have leeched your file to completion (100%) then what is the recommended seed time. My harddrive fills up quickly and so I must burn the files onto a disc and then delete the file.

2) How can I assisit those who require portions of file to complete their requests if I have the file on a disc and I can share. Is there a forum for those who require assistence with completing their files.


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It's suggested that you give at least as much as you take, so seeding to an U/D ratio of 1 to 1 (or 1.00) is the least you could do. It helps the community if you can seed higher than that.

If the torrent's structure is intact, you can seed it from any pathname, and if that happens to be a DVD or a CD-ROM in your optical drive, it makes no difference at all. You can't, obviously, download to that location, but you can seed from it no problem.

But hard disks really are cheap these days, so you may want to think about a more permanent solution by just adding a few hundred gigs of HD space to your system.

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