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bitcomet 0.70 downloads on it's own ?

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Without having any active torrent being downloaded, I see in the title bar of bitcomet's window, kb's being downloaded and uploaded. It's the first time I am seeing this since upgrading to version 0.70 from version 0.59.

in addition when using netstat -s -v , isee the the following files being used ws2_32.dll and winhttp.dll.

I think this is causing that the torrents that I want to download are slow 3-4kbps.




captured the screen

2 torrents: downloads 7+4=11


see top balloon: download 31 and 96:

btw the global download and upload rate is set both at 50 kbps


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That's overhead from the DHT network. Its nothing to worry about. :)

can you explain a bit more about the dht network, I don't understand the overhead part.

I downgraded to version 0.59 yesterday, and I am not experiencing the symptons any more.

I am using peerguardian.

when I disabled the enryption setting , I briefly experienced way better download speed, from 4 it rose up to 20+.

another question:

why is cccp better then k-lite. ? both are combining all codecs into one package.



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CCCP isn't technically a codec pack even though it says it is. CCCP is a streamlined version of FFDShow, a filter pack based off of Direct Show. Its only for play back. So it consumes less resources and doens't cause conflicts with the OS, programs, or codecs. CCCP is streamlined for normal use. Their filters for Divx & Xvid work better than the offical codecs. So it can play back almost all common files without any issue. It will work with any player that uses external codecs. It comes with Media Player Classic & Zoom Player. CCCP is always being updated on its filters and players.

K-Lite is over kill. It has many codecs that aren't needed. It can cause a lot of conflicts with other codecs that aren't in the pack, programs, and on occasion with its self. If and when you have a conflict you have to uninstall the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, K Lite is one of the better codec packs out there, but that isn't saying much. The user comments at www.free-codecs.com describe it to a tee. One week its working great and the best codec pack ever the next week its not working at all and has taken other programs down with it.

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