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Private Torrent Trackers....Worthy?


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I just signed on to be a member of TVTorrents because I am only interested in downloading t.v. shows that the stinking networks are not putting into consistantly shown reruns. I spend the regular season away from home and my DirecTV.

Are the Torrent trackers where you need to be a registered member worthy of my upload KBs in order to gain credits to download? Are their downloads much higher than the minus 20 KBs that I am currently getting?

How does a neebie "seed" when thinking about joining a registered site. (I only have one 100% episode of Desperate Housewives to offer from Torrentspy....and dang it it took me 2 days to download!)

If I TiVo stuff and burn it to a DVD....how do I put that on my computer to seed to the world?

Amazing stuff this Torrent tech. Enlighten me...I've been an avid "hunt and pecker" for a while now. :rolleyes:

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