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say im downloading an anime. 50 episodes. theyre all at about 95%. i uncheck 49 of them so hopefully the 1 will download faster and i can watch that, then move to the next one. however. twice now ive done this and they just refuse to resume and they start redownloading. i cant even find the new file, i still see the old one at like 200+ mbs.

any1 know what im doing wrong here or how to resolve it. please dont say "dont uncheck the boxes" because im new to the forums or some BS ><. i just downloaded bitcomet a week ago so im new to the communinty anyway! with that said, hows it going :).

edit ----

and no, its not saving to a different folder or somthing because i right click to download directory and i see all the unfinished ones and like 3 finished files.

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Each time you change what's to be downloaded, do a manual hash check before restarting the torrent, and see if that makes the problem go away.

ahh yes, thank you very much. that solved my problem.

and sorry for posting in the wrong section. i just looked for general. didnt read this forum was for non bitorrent stuff ><

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