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Thanks to Bitcomet i have had a lot of fun with all the games i could find, allthough it sometimes takes a lot of time to get what you want even with a LAN connect.

But my question is:

How can i put something to upload i.e some games or a audio cd.

It dont seem to work out.

I downloaded a torrent maker but then i'm blocked.

Isnt there some sort of easy tutorial please



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After you make the torrent with Bitcomet you then need to upload it to a torrent site like mininova.

Then leave the torrent seeding in your client and eventually if someone selects it at mininova you will begin uploading it. Then you should wait till at least 1 or 2 or more people have the complete file before stopping the torrent task.

Before you make a torrent you should go to the torrent site where you want to upload your torrent and read their directions for uploading torrents. Some sites have specific things that you need to do or have tracker restrictions.

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