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A question about Dark Shroud's post about tcpip.sys


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Dark Shroud's post: http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showt...84&hl=tcpip

Dark Shroud mentioned that "If you want to undo the patch just run a windows update and MS will fix it for you." I ran a windows update but it says that I have no critical updates to download, because I had already downloaded everything earlier this month. So, is there other way to update it to undo the patch of tcpip.sys? Or should I just wait until next month's update date for windows?

Please advise.

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Is computer having problems??? -why do you want to remove the tcpip patch???

All my computers(XP SP2 fully updated) that do p2p have been patched and they work just fine

I patched to the default 50 and then in Bitcomet I set the max half-open to 45 just for some wiggle room.

If for some reason you really want to change the tcpip back you have to wait for microsoft to release a new one which could be a while.

Or you could download and reinstall the last one they released, this one(XP SP1 and SP2 only);

and here are tcpip originals for other Operating Systems

If you decide to reinstall the original tcpip.sys then make sure in Bitcomet you set the max half-open TCP connections to 8

But again the Lvllord patch works just fine on XP-SP2 so I would suggest just leaving it the way it is.

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Part of that depends on what version of Windows XP you have. Home seems to not notice it. Pro is a mixed bag depending on what add-ons the person is running from MS, but most seem to do ok. XP Media Center can't handle it at all.

You don't have to go through the trouble to get rid of it. You just don't have to re-install it after your next windows update.

I wrote that big article because I am one of many who are tired of all the misinformation about that patch, the limit, and why you should use it. I wouldn't care about it as much if MS wasn't working against it and the fact that LvlLord hasn't updated it in a over a year.

Bottom line if you're not having any network or connection issues then you don't have to worry. :)

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