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bitcomet 0.7 will not start none of my downloads


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well i am new to this whole forum thing, but i will just explain the problem and hope some smartperson has the solution.

I use bit comet a lot so i know how to use it properly, but for sum strange reason i turnt my comp on today and bit comet wont allow me to start any of my downloads. I click the start button and nothing happens it doesnt even try to connect it just stay in the stopped state where the circle is grey. I then tried to open the download folder threw bit comet by click open directory and nothing happened. yesterday everything was working fine no problems some 1 please help me. Anything to solve this would be appreciated!

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Ok, lets try a clean install first. So uninstall BitComet. Then install and run this free program www.ccleaner.com. Help them out by clicking on one of the ads on their main page before you go to their download location.

CCleaner will clean the junk from BC (the "bc_cache" folder) and other programs out. You can also clean your registry up without having to worry about it doing damage by "Scanning for issues."

EDIT: And no this should not delete you unfinished downloads.

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