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Still trying to get Remote Connections here. I'm getting mostly Local and some NAT Traversal connections.

I have port 55555 specifically opened for Bitcomet. 55555-55555 only. I configured Bitcomet for that port and configured my router (Linksys WRT54G version 2.02.7) to let Bitcomet through that port.

I followed portfowarding.com or whatever that site is to the exact letter, yet not a single Remote.

Any answers that could answer my problem? I'm not new to this thing, so I kindly ask that you acknowledge me as a sort of an expert at this and not give me common solutions such as "You probably do not have your ports right".

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I greatly appeciate your help.

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I contacted Linksys tech for my WRT54G (version 2.02.7) and I set up my Static IP Address. It works perfectly (for Firefox). But I'm still getting no Remote Connections and slow speeds. My torrent has a 5kb/s download speed and a 10kb/s upload speed. And the seed/peer[all] tab says 12/42[12/1509].

I'm barely connecting to anyone!

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You need to make certain that the port is open for the correct IP address on your router. Then you need to test it at www.canyouseeme.org (with BC running) to make sure it's open. If the result is anything except "it's open" then you've still got something blocking it.

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