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Power Calibration error


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The most common cause is bad media. Most brand-name media cannot be trusted, because it's manufactured by different factories all over the world, and rebranded. The Memorex disks you bought in this package weren't necessarily manufactured by the same company that made the ones in that Memorex package. These are ok, those are crap.

Not to pick on Memorex, it's true of almost everyone. The cheaper they are, the more likely they're "bargain of the week", which may or may not be the same as last week's "bargain of the week".

For the US, for mass market, stick with TDK. If you can't find them, go with Maxell. If you can't find either, then order on the web.

Another cause is simply that your drive/lens is dirty. You can buy a cleaning disk and try that.

The third cause is that the drive's failing. That's a lot more common than it ought to be. Alas, there's no definitive test for it. But if you have problems with TDK disks after cleaning, it's a good bet. Fortunately, replacement drives aren't very expensive.

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