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:huh: Hi! I can't completely understand if PG's HTTP blocking is useful or not. Should someone use it for common surfing or also when downloading (example with p2p stuff)? Using it sometimes blocks the whole page from be viewed & sometimes only some parts. Why does this happen? Also blocks this forum...!

I would appriciate if someone could answer to these 'few' questions. Thanks a lot !

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I find it useful but it can be annoying at times.

You have two options:

  1. When browsing the web just disable HTTP blocking. If your not torrenting anything and your just going on to look at your email, youtube, etc then go ahead and disable HTTP blocking.
  2. If a site you regularly visit has something that is being blocked (like here, the Bitcomet forums) then right click on the host that is being blocked and select Always Allow. A new list will be created in PG2 called Permanent Allows. This can help if you go to places like Mininova.org and it loads slow cause your blocking one of their revenue sources (the ads)

I like option 2 better cause that way I can go to unknown torrent sites and when I do a search on the site and see things like MEDIASNTRY trying to connect on port 80; then I generally try to avoid that site. But I do use option 1 if I know Im just gonna be doing simple browsing of forums, email, etc.

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It very much depends on how you surf the web. If you tend to mostly visit the same sites from day to day, that's fine. But if you frequently find yourself exploring new sites or doing research, it's a nightmare, so #1 or temporarily disabling PG is the only realistic option.

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