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Partially downloaded files will not restart. Client continues to exchange UDP packets


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Bc 0.70 has a number of torrents it is working on, but all torrents are in stopped state (indicators are grey and stopped). Each will accept a start command (e.g. double click, or right-click, start), but there is no activity.

As the program is started after a bootstrap, it goes into background mode (behavior is as configured). When brought into foreground mode, there is some activity shown by the titlebar indicated non-zero upload and download lasting a few seconds, then dropping to zero.

Also, Ethereal trace shows UDP activity from the client as continuous (address and source port are correct), both in local mode (local client initiates) as well as in remote mode (remote client initiates), however, current torrent do not start. Multiple reboots and restart of BC does not correct this.

Adding a new torrent puts it on the list, but it too is in the same state (indicator grey and stopped). One torrent that had been successfully downloaded but is now seeding shows as stopped but indicator is green and stopped.

Anybody else expeience this?

This is on version 0.70 running on XP Pro SP2, McAfee AV (Vshield) up to date, Defender on.

The machine has been CCleaned.

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The UDP activity is normal, it is the DHT Network.

So do any torrents work???

-if some torrents work and others dont then probably those torrents either have no seeds/peers or they dont have a working tracker.

Look in the tracker tab. What do the trackers for those torrents that arent going say???

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