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Downloaded data and remaning data

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Hi there all just shifted from another client... to BitComet only because of DHT.... that client also has DHT but I was having problems..... well...

in bitcomet the downloaded sdata it show is more and the percentage of completion is less.... .. .!!?? what is this..!????!?!?! EXAMPLE... i have 700 Mb of a File... the Downloaded data is 115 Mb... and Done% is 10... any suggestions...

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You're going to get some rubbish data when downloading. If it's really bad then either someone using Azureus or the swarm is being posioned.

Use a good firewall to protect your PC. Norton & Zonealarm are not good firewalls, the XP SP-2 actually is a good firewall.

And try Peer Guardian 2, it will block known bad IP address. During install use these three lists of theirs: p2p, ads, & spyware. Don't bock education, you don't want to block people who are using their high speed college lans that can upload to you. ;) Also, don't use bluetack's lists. Their's are bloated and the guys who make them are over paranoid noobs.

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