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How to improve the upload?


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This is an example about what happens to me: If the size of a file/forder that I'm sharing is 700 MB I usually need to upload 1 GB to get a 100% health (I mean to make the torrent be shared by at least to seeds)

I think that this can be improved in some way, maybe increasing or decreasing the upload slots, the connections... I don't know that's why I ask you.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english (I'm from Spain)

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This has been tried. It's sometimes called "initial-seeding", and more often and wrongly, "super-seeding". It's supposed to reduce total bandwidth in this situation, at the cost of slowing down the entire process. There's a LOT of disinformation about it floating around.

It works by having the seeder act as another leecher, who "discovers" and shares a piece (#31, say) with a real leecher, then won't offer that first leecher another piece until somebody else offers piece #31 back to it -- remembering that the seeder is acting as another leecher -- thus proving that the first leecher has shared piece #31 with at least one other. In theory, this should mean that each piece is being uploaded to the swarm only once. That's supposed to be the effect of it, but it's often wrongly described as the actual process of it. It isn't, and in practice, it doesn't quite work out that way.

This was designed to help those who pay for their internet by the upload kilobyte, in order to reduce their seeding cost. It was mishandled in some early executions, and actually ended up taking more bandwidth, not less, for the seeder. It now sorta works, but again, at the cost of slowing the whole process down. You'll spend less upload bandwidth to get other seeders going, but it will take longer this way. It should only be used where there is a single seeder. If there are more, it reportedly slows things down even more. Why that should be isn't clear, but this is the report.

BitComet doesn't support it. You might try version 1.6 of µtorrent for this, but it has proven unstable/defective in other areas for me, so I downgraded. Versions earlier than 1.6 had the "more bandwidth" bug.

But if it's not actually costing you money, it may not be worth your time.

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