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0.71 has lost individual upload speed control


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The ability to control individual torrent's upload speed is essential.

I might have many running that I don't want to go over some limit each and some of them might go way up if allowed to.

At the same time, I may have others that I really want to be able to go as fast as they can and I'd prefer to not have to shut down the less important ones.

Even with BC's disk caching, you can reach disk I/O limits. Having the files scattered to different disks or on RAID significantly helps that problem.

But not being able to control individual ones means that 0.71 is useless for me, and I'll have to stay at 0.70 until it is fixed.

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The lack of the individual torrent limit - for max. upload speed, and upload speed to keep - needs immediate inclusion in the next BC release.

Without some form of spped control, it means either limiting global torrents (undesirable), or having to close BC altogether (unacceptable, to me and the people I'm seeding to), when I want to run other network software.

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