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Upload/Download Logic


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I've been happily downloading and sharing files for some months now with no problems.

Just recently, however, several of my downloads have stuck in the 90 percents (a few even lower). As i've sat and watched them for days on end with no additional download, I've got to wondering about the logic for who gets priority on uploads/downloads.

I've read several of the previous posts in this forum on this subject but they don't explain the position completely.

Different situations :-

I can understand the fact that if there are no 100% seeders out there, I just ain't gonna get the file, no matter how long I wait. But why, when other people connect with say 20% ... and I am sitting there at 99.5%, often I don't upload to them (even if I am the only person sitting there with 99.5%). How am I going to get my share ratio up if it won't share ??

Other times, when I start downloading and am at say 1.0%, other people who have already got, say 60%, start uploading from me ... and to add insult to injury, I don't start downloading from them ! I think I had one file with a ratio of 1.7 and i'd only got 1% of it.

Another situation ... I (and several others) are all at 66.2%. Somebody logs on with 100% but nobody seems to get a download (ie we all sit there at 66.2%)

Sometimes when my download is complete (ie 100%) I leave the file seeding, but nobody downloads from me, even though I can see people with 10% 20% 30% etc etc.

There's nothing unusual about my setup. I've played around with priorites and preferences, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Can anybody give a concise overview of how bitcomet prioritises and allocates who should get a download/update and how I might 'tune' it for my, and other sharers benefit.

Many thanks in advance.

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