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I am new to Bitcomet.

1. Please confirm if the following is the proper technique for seeding:

a. create torrent with Announce URL (tracker site).

b. upload torrent file to the tracker site.

c. download and open torrent file from the trasker site (vs using the one in my computer),

using "seeding" option.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

2. If I am right, why is the task shown in the "Leech Only" task pane, instead of the "Seed Only" task

pane? Is there any way to move the task to the seed only task pane?

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It's mostly correct, though there's not usually a need for c, you can use the same torrent file you created, to seed.

When you start seeding (and BC, or at least some versions, would start seeding automatically at creation), you need to check that you're showing you have 100% of the file. If not, this indicates your "download" location (except that in this case it's your upload location) for the torrent contents is incorrect. So you need to play around with the download location pointer until BC does show that it sees 100% of the file(s) to be seeded. Then it will automatically go into seed mode.

If you've followed your step c, then BC was expecting the files to be in your default download location, and they're probably somewhere else. When you load the task, you'll have the opportunity to change the location. Do so.

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