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wish i had my old bitcomet back


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i just downloaded 0.71 and im not sure if its just me but i dont like it....alot of things seem different....for one thing i lost everything i had downloading when i changed over to the newer version but a friend said he had no problem and he didnt lose anything....first question...what did i do wrong to lose all i had?....2nd question.....on the settings....what should i have everything set on for optimal performance?....for example the global max download and upload speeds before were set at "no limit"...i have high speed internet so i left the settings where they were before but now the speeds have slowed waaaaaay down compared to what they were before....and alot of what i have arent even connecting....sorry if im appearing ignorant but please someone tell me what i can do and what to set everything on to make it how it was before.....thanx

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Hi, me too having the same problems on version 0.71 but my case I still manage to download eventhough it said am not loggined in. However I think its still have some fix need to be done and I switch to ver 0.70. To do so its pretty simple....you can just reinstall it by run a setup for ver 0.70 again. If you didn't save your setup file you can download it again and redo the setup.

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