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Video preview bug


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Ok i was previewing a video file, and this time i got problems (version 0.70) the problem is not the 581% <_< downloaded file info in the preview gui, but that event when the main interface shows that the download is finished (100%), the preview window (if you had not closed it) still buffers the file, as if not finished :angry: .

i got an image ready for you to understand me... B)

hope u'll understand ;)



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I found out the preview is re-downloading the parts I had not when I started the preview!

so the real percentage in the main window is changing from 100% to 99% when arriving to a part of the video that was not available when I began the preview.

For the wrong percentage I don't know why ...

one more thing, if i restart the video (i didnt close it, i just moved the position of the video) the preview still downloads parts of the video i had not already seen... and the percentage still rises (now at 780%, and i've seen the whole video)

and when looking to the video the status bar shows <Playing> and then instantly and briefly <buffering...(100%)> then again <Playing> for a few minutes

hope this helps B) and i hope the bug will be corrected if as well present in the 0.71 version


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