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How do I connect to max ppl?


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Its something like the many times questioned speed topic but with the exception that I read the speed and the settings guide and generally my bitcomet USED to work at full speed...

Now my problem:

My dsl got updated from 384/? to 768/192 kbit/sec and I had a max of 80kb/sec only for the first 5 minutes... After that my speed fell to 10-30 max. I had my max upload speed to 8kb/s and now I updated it to 16kb/s all without success also I changed my maximum disk cache size to 700 as I have 2k ram. My max sessions per ip for dl is set to 3(used to be 30) and ul to 1(used to be 10).Max Half open TCP connections 8(used to be 10).

I have put as a port the default server option so that all ports shall be open when needed.Is this wrong?

I also know that its not the torrents fault because I tried to dl a torrent with 7000 seeds and at its max it download with 40kb/sec.

Any idea to maximize my speed?Can I connect to more seeds if possible?

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if you all know it the internet is made of "electrical waves" as for ocean waves they have the threand to grow and to get smaller the same priciple aplyes for the net(electricity) you got you're upps and downs they can't repaire that that is just plain all fizics for ya... but there are many variables like seders the torrent load and other stuff that could jump the speed to from low to high...

oh yeah you can't connect to more than one seeder if the torrent is very busy, each seder shares his load betwen them...

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