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UDP connection bug in .70/.71

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Ive been using bitcomet .70 and tried upgrading to .71 in an effort to fix the issue ive encoutered, upon starting bitcomet ive found, within a few seconds, according my router a huge huge number of UDP connections are opened by bitcomet, to the point where my router cant handle any more, (greater than 1500 connections) in addition to this as reported cpu usage spirals, and bitcomet takes about 20 seconds to close.

Turning off the DHT network fixes the creation of all the udp connections, and results in speedy program closes, however it results in things barely downloading at all, torrents which were running at 15kb/s are now at 0kb/s

hope this infomation is useful

Modem: Billion 7402VGO (firewall disabled)

OS: XP Pro SP2

firewall: Nvidia Firewall (nForce 4 Sli)

CPU:Athlon 64 3700+

Ram: 1024mb

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First off don't use 0.71.

DHT uses UDP to only find peers. DHT does not have anything to do with the actual download speed. Now Now BC 0.71 tries to use UDP in a similar maner to TCP to make actual connections to download. But this will probably only work with other peers using the same version(s) of BC.

In the end in version 0.70 its not a bug, its a problem with your router (too many connections as you said). In 0.71 is a not really a bug more of a settings issue and a problem with your router.

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