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Auto-stop when seeded to a point.


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I commonly will have more than a dozen torrents queued up, and one thing that would be REALLY nice is an auto-stop.

For example, I want to DL 10 torrents, and only have the connection to handle two at a time. So if I could set my limit to two tasks, and then set a torrent (global or local, either would be fine) to stop after it has seeded past a certain point (say 1.5x or 2.0x), and then let the next torrent in line continue automatically would save HUGE amount of time.

I see that you have accepted a suggestion for “A way to control the number of seeding tasks.”, and I think this would be a good way of doing it. It should also be fairly easy to implement, no more than a few lines of code….

It would also give folks looking to “order” there DLs an easy way to do it with minimal effort.


What do you think? I know this is considered a low priority, but, it would be so easy to implement.

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I pulled the latest beta just the other day (20060908), but didn't see that. It has the options (compared to my last version of .64) to limit connections (fixed an issue with my DSL) and was VERY happy about that. :)

Is it not in that build, or am I just missing it?

Though I have noticed that I have to close it every so often (couple of days) as it appears to get “stuck”. Checking my connections I see I have a BUNCH of half-open connections assigned to my system account (I have already modded my tcpip.sys for 100 connections). I have a web server, and it is the cause of some one those, but not that many. B)

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