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*BUGFIX REQUEST* File Priority Bug (developer please read *begs*)

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A bug, I have encountered with 0.60 & 0.68

Ok first a picture


This bug occurs when multiple files in torrent.

Sometimes when you change priority of file, you can damage another file next to it!

The beginning/end of neighbour file gets swiped clean...

(posibly because two files share single torrentpiece, I'm not sure)

(I'm not programmer or anything I just use bitcomet a lot, and all of this is loose guessing)

I suspect this bug MIGHT potentially harm the rest of torrent swarm.

Sometimes bitcomet may not notice when a neighbour file is swiped. As consequense it's possible that bitcomet sends the unnoticed swiped piece to other torrent clients!

Other clients then recieve swiped pieces (bad data) continuously!

Resulting in something like this:


Does this seem too far fetched? Sometimes my torrent is 99.9% complete and keep redownloading 1 single bad piece, could these two things be related?

Anyway, I hope you can fix the file priority bug. Thank you very much. And thank you for this wonderful bittorrent client!

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That's not a bug. Here is the result.

When you downloading a file, the file is devided into some data pieces and downloaded by pieces. if there are several files in the same one torrent, for example 2 files, there may be one data piece contain datas both from file one and file two. when you finish downloading file 1 (that means 100% of file one), the shared piece is finished only 60% and the 40% belongs to file 2 is not finished. because the file 2 has not been downloaded, so the 40% piece need not to be downloaded. Then file one and the 60% piece will both turn to be 100%. But when you enable the file 2 or change the pri, the file 2 starts, the 40% of the piece is necessary, BC will report that this shared piece is unfinished then the file 1 is not finished.

If you come across this case, take it easy. The file 1 can work perfectly.

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