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There is a little torbulence here in sweden at the moment, the pb servers has been taken by the police and as a revenge the police homepage got overloaded and crashed. To do that they high jacked computers. I´,m afraid that my computer was highjacked, it´bandwith are down to half and in my details for my connecktion it says :

Lånet erhölls: 2006-06-03 10:01:58

Lånet upphör: 2006-06-03 13:01:58

borrow beginns: 2006-06-03 10:01:58

borrow ends: 2006-06-03 13:01:58

I have no Idea if i use to say so....

I have a firewall and norton antivirus, but I allow things tha go trogh bitcomet. The norton don´t find anything and my ad aw are only find a bunch of coockies.. :o :o :unsure: :( :angry:

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If your worried that you have been HiJacked then dowload HiJackThis to see for yourself. Make sure you understand what your doing if you delete anything with that program, also there are many forums out there that can look through your Hijackthis log for you.

Maybe its not your fault but your ISPs ???

Run a connection speed test.

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The hackers did what is known as DDoS the police computers.

This is "Distributed Denial of Service"

What it takes to do this is the master computer and several "zomie" or "slave" computers. The master then makes all the slaves simultaneously DoS the specific server at once. It is very effective.

Point of story, that is what happened to you. Go download some free anti-malware software or go warez some high end stuff (Norton, McAfee (lol), ZoneAlarm)

If you want, I can email you the full version of ZoneAlarm Security Suite...or make a torrent.

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