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Problem with BC 0.64 in win2000


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Hi!, I have a little problem with BC in win2000 with SP4, when i leave alone the BC, after a few minutes or maybe hours i have a unexpected error reporting a bug and the bc in these moment freeze, the problem is when the error appear the pc is alone and don't donwload anything in all night, what can i do to resolve these problem ????

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<First, upgrade to the current stable version of BitComet, v0.70 and try that>

This is the same reply you give to everyone who reports this freezing bug; even though it is known that this problem occurs in all the versions from at least .60 onwards

The problem is to do with DHT. When I had it on I used to get the symptoms as described above and elsewhere.

When I disabled DhT the problem disappeared


1/ Bitcomet does not stick to the download/upload parameters causing freezing/stuttering of the computer - since version 60

2/ Exiting bitcomet while leeching causes BSOD crash, this kills my network connection which means I have to reboot

My system

Winme, Amd 1.33MHz

Dsl 64KB/s download 32KB/s upload

Bitcomet0.63(MaxDL/MaxUL = 55KB/21KB)

SYMPTOMS occur after BC has been running for a while.

With DHT on

* The Download/Upload bandwith status bar goes up way more than my Dsl connection is capable of eg: 108KB/44KB

When this happens the harddrive red light is constanly engaged; The whole system freezes/stutters - including losing control of mouse ie mouse is very jerky and not very responsive.

The workround is to try and stop the tasks wait till the DL/UL status goes down to 0 then exit Bitcomet.

If I want to continue to use bitcomet I will have to reboot the Os, otherwise the problems will very quickly start all over again.

Also sometimes when Bitcomet is started even when no torrents are started ie all are stopped. I still The high bandwith usuage displayed by Bitcomet

PS In the past 2 days I have been running Bitcomet with DHT disabled; and it has been running for long periods with the problems I highlighted above.

So it seems that DHT is the culprit

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If you are using an old version of BitComet, you are quite likely to encounter bugs that have been fixed in later versions, particularly when it comes to the newer features like DHT. So yes, that's the advice we give, and it's good advice. Get the current version and see if you still have the problem.

DHT hasn't worked out the way it was originally planned and hoped for, so if you're not getting a definite benefit from it, don't use it. That's why the preferences give you the option to disable it. Use it only when you need it, if you ever do.

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