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my download speed went down from about 40 kb/s to less than 3, yet my upload speed remains the same, if not higher


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What version of BC are you using? Do you have XP Media Center Edition?

xp sp2, not media center or pro, just basic xp sp2 , bitcomet .70

oh, yeah, um most connections are "local" but one is NAT so its not that, i use avg free, i have peerguardian, sbybot SD, cable broadband that is supposed to(according to provider)go up to 3mbps but tests say its about 600kbps download and upload is like 200 kbps. i have the conection patch thing set to 50, a celeron processor

the wierd thing is that my upload has gone up to more than 40 KB/s which is way more than what the speed test said it should be able to do

i tried lowering the max upload speed but that only resulted in an even lower dl speed

am i missing anything else?

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this is wierd, the download goes faster when i have like 10 simultanious downloads, but when i do that, only like 2 or three are actually downloading, even though they all have 1000%+ health, and if i pause or stop them, the download im trying to do know slows down again... that isn't supposed to happen is it?

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