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Nero 7 premium


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Hi everyone ,

I'm wondering if anyone can help ,I've recently purchased the above software and putting it simply ,it is useless ! If I start a burn to disc process it fails three quarters of the way through every time .

I've tried uninstalling it and installing it several times .Also tried uninstalling other software that may be causing a conflict .even when I do a test on the dvd it says error starting initializing the process ,whatever that means . I've sent system info to Nero three times and I get no reply from them .

I thought it maybe just a couple of downloaded movies but it is every single one . :(

Can anyone shed any light on this problem for me .

Appreciate any feedback

regards Tadano

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Make sure when you burn anything that you burn at half speed of your drive and half of the blank discs capability.

So if your drive is 16x max but the discs you bought are 8x max then you should burn at 4x.

or if your drive is 8x max and the discs are 16x max again you should burn at 4x.

Now you said your burning downloaded videos. What format are the videos??? .avi???

and are you burning the videos to watch them on your DVD player or on your computer???

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Hello Bitdave,

Thanks for your reply ,I'm trying to burn movies with largely avi,or Dvdrip axxo format

and as far as I can see It's burning at the correct speed but I will look at that .

I'm trying to burn them so as to watch them on my DVD player .I have been successful on a couple of occasions ,so it works to some small degree but largely it fails .

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First of all axxo is not a format. It is the name of the person or group that made that release.

Second if your gonna convert avi to dvd then the avis better be high quality, DVDrips should be fine.

You should be using Nero VisionExpress, here is a great guide for you


If you have problems converting with Nero, then here is another awesome and free converter that will do it and more.


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Hi Bitdave

I understand what you say about aXXo ,Im largely using dvd rip and avi and it is literally every burn that fails ! I've uninstalled nero 7( I was trying to burn with nero vision incidentally )and I've tried

imgburn but even that keeps stating that it is an unsupported file or format .I am at a complete loss with it all .I'd have thought it was maybe just one or two not so clever formats ....but not everyone !

I will try the links you suggested and I'll hope for best .

Regards ..Tadano

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