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which ports must i forward to allow proper wan IP reporting?


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which ports must i forward to allow proper wan IP reporting? yes i have a router and so far i have found several guides saying that port forwarding must be done but none have specified the ports needed to be forwarded.

click on preferences, click on listen port, and then input a port number, somewhere in between 60000 and 65000(i think thats right might check a few other posts to make sure those ports are right. i use port 653xx and get speeds of up to 110 kB/s with dsl) . doesn't matter which one just as long as it is somewhere in between there.

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that is for me to receive not for me to send (i don't have to port forward my listen port as i did that and it still reported my wan IP as port forwarding is only for sending stuff.... as i receive stuff just fine... and i have forwarded 161, 3782, 3782 like it says in the guide and bitcomet still says that my wan IP is why?

bitcomet v.70 and yes i do know how to forward ports because i had to for worms 2 and worms armageddon plus emule needed it aswell.

edit: apparently it is the listen port i have to forward... thus i had it done correct before but bitcomet still reported my wan ip as

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Whoa! Very confused here. Very, very confused. Let's start over.

Presumably you're behind a router. If you weren't, you wouldn't have an external firewall to forward any ports through.

Since you're behind a router, you're in your own subnet. Your computer's IP address is probably something like 192.168.2.x, or 10.10.x.x since those ranges are reserved for private subnets. In any case, that's on your LAN, which consists of this side of the router and everything connected to it.

On the other side of the router is the WAN, which in this case is the internet. The stuff on the LAN side, including BitComet, doesn't have, need or want access to the other side, the WAN side. So it doesn't know and can't learn what your computer's WAN address. Your computer doesn't have a WAN address. All of its communications are NAT'ed through the router. The router has a WAN address. As far as the outer world is concerned, only the router exists. Nothing can see through it to what's on the other side.

That happens to be your computer, but it might be seven PC's, two Mac's, three unix boxes, a VAX and an IBM mainframe, and it wouldn't make any difference to the rest of the world.

Now, why would you want to make a special case out of WAN IP reporting? You do that when your apparent WAN IP is different from your actual IP, or in other words, when you're using a proxy. The proxy takes your request and forwards it as its own, so it has the proxy's IP -- that being the whole point of proxying. This is when you'd want to make sure that the tracker has the correct IP for its stats, assuming it's one that tracks stats. (If other people are using the same proxy and the same tracker, it may get their stats confused with yours. Not good.)

Now as to which "port" you'd use? The question is not relevant, indeed, I need to try to think through where you got this confused. First, your IP and listen port get reported to the tracker automatically, and you can't change that because it would complain and refuse if you tried. Not that you want to. The correct port for that is specified in the tracker url, but you don't need to worry about that: it's the tracker's port, not yours.

It responds to you on a different port, which also doesn't matter because it's a response to you. This is basic TCP operation. So the only port that you can control that you need to concern yourself with, is your listen port. If you are not using a proxy, you do not need to worry about correct WAN IP reporting, as it will be correct anyway.

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