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Windows & NAT mapping failed


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  • 2 weeks later...

Under 'Statistics', I am getting: 'Windows Firewall: failed' and 'NAT port mapping: failed'. Is this bad or indifferent? I am using W2000 and have set up my SMC7404 barricade router correctly (I think!).



I'm getting the same problem and am now getting download speeds at a maximum of 5 kB on an 8MB connection. Not sure what's happened was working fine for the past month so must be something that's changed I've tried the advice in the troubleshooting section and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Im using SP1, Zonealarm with BitComet configured to be allowed and Windows firewall is turned off. Live in halls so just plug directly into a socket in my room no router that I know of.

Still detecting the same number of seeders/ leechers usually more remote than local on popular files (for ex. newest episode of Lost is ALL Remote) but for some reason Im only connecting at speeds between 1-5kBs. A week ago my speed was usually around 150kBs :(. Any help?

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If you're getting remote connections, and your speed is still lousy then it's either the best that particular torrent can do, or you are being throttled. To check the former, try the Open Office torrent, which should provide you with the best speed your connection is capable of. It should be significantly higher than most anything else you've seen.

If you are apparently being throttled, try setting encryption to "always" in your advanced preferences and see if that helps.

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