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I just download and installed the LvlLord TCPIP.SYS patcher, version 2.23d from the official website LvlLord.

It was only a 40KB download.

I recently heard that Windows SP2 limits the "Half-open TCP connections" to 10, which is also the default limit set in BitComet. This is supposed to limit some viruses from spreading, which is really not necessary considering you have antivirus software. It also slows down P2P files and torrents.

I also heard that setting this limit higher in BitComet without setting it higher through Windows will cause your internet explorer to slow down.

The above website was recommended to download a patch that allows you to open up more half-open TCP connections.

I just wanted to know your professional thoughts on this.

Here are screenshots:

This screenshot is after I initially ran the patch, and followed the instructions to set the recommended limit of 50 open connections. As you can see, all I had to do was enter ‘Y’ two times.


This screenshot is after I rebooted and ran it again to see what it would say.

It verified the change to 50, and asked me if I wanted to go back to 10. I also had the option of changing the limit to something else, or uninstalling it all together.


I also went back to BitComet to change the limit from 10 to 50.


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ok... The higher limit u have, the speed u connect more faster ( Means that bitcomet connect peers more faster / IE also can be loaded faster) ... but it won't boost up "download speed" of bitcomet. The download speed depends on ur configuration such as "portforwarding, firewall......."

Even ur max half-open connection is 10, it only take a little bit longer time to connect and later u also will achieve the high speed which base on your configuration... (Don't worry, it won't affect the download speed of bitcomet).

Note: the higher limit u set, the higher health risk u have....

If i got wrong, please correct me

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