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Im a Nooob, I need major help

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well you see, i downloaded a video and its not working when i play it. When i got to play the file it sais

"Media file plaback error! Maybe some neccesiary audio/video codec is not installed in your system". Its obvious i need to install a codec because i can only play mpg files and the video is avi. Where can i install this codec or what ever to make this video work?

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Yes, you need specific codec to make the videos to play properly. But it would be a mess if you go there and here to grab some codec to try. It'd be best to take a advantage of some of the pre-made what's so called "codec pack" out there on the net.

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A good one would be ACE MEGA CODEC PACK, it got EVERYTHING you need.

Edited: You shouldn't post this here, cuz it's not related to BitComet client.

From Mod: Sorry but that codec pack has not been updated in almost 2 years and we do not recommend/support it.

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I don't recommend installing codec packs at all. The concept seems good, but the execution is terrible: many of them cram in everything they can get their hands on, and never mind the duplications and conflicts between them.

Download a free tool named gspot.exe. It will analyze the video, and your system, and tell you what filters you have for handling that video/audio, and what you need to handle it if you don't have it. Then you can install only that filter, keeping your system conflict-free.

Alternatively, use the free VLC video player from videolan.org. It will handle most types of video, and does not use the system filters at all, so such conflicts never occur. On the downside, if VLC can't handle it, you'll need another player entirely.

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