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Shaping Measurement

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Hello, i'm years in the war of the shaping and i remember at least 7 post in p2p forums for the encrypted header.

Now they are controlling and shaping the BitTorrent in the routers by Behavior of the protocol, marking those packets in the TOS and the P-Cube recognize them.

This is very important for a isp and they always need to have the control of the service.

They always pay the needed amount to have the control.

The important is the measurement, the knowledge by the user, the level and 'delay' he have with the p2p.

200 ms... 300 ms... etc.

Diference between a garbage packet, and a garbage packet with BT header and now the behavior.

The isp do not specify the shaping level they aply in the contract.

The users may have those times to post in the forums and know the situation.

This will enter in the culture of the internet society.

Remember that P-Cube is Uni-Directional, way to the house.

Good Job Smile


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I never said you weren't being shapped. I'm trying to tell you how bittorrent works around this.

The bittorrent encryption encrypts/hides the bittorrent handshake/header. So they cannot tell that it is bittorrent traffic. The encrypted packets appear as noise or line static. This is why people need to use clients that support the encryption. The only way for ISPs to get around this is by shapping all encrypted/unknown traffic. And if/when they actually learn to detect the encrypted packets from BT a new version will be made.

Now this is only between clients. What is needed is for tracker communication to be encrypted as well. So a better question is not how are they shapping BitTorrent traffic. But which traffic are they shapping?

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Unfortunately for many people their ISPs have upgraded their hardware/software to also filter encrypted bt traffic using advanced deep packet inspection.(ie. Rogers)

there are still ways around this filtering, though you cant get the blazing speeds you once could

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