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Port Forwarding


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Yes that looks correct.

Just add a User rule and put in the port Bitcomet is using for both the Private and the Public port

Then make sure to add the rule you create to Applied Rules and the hit Apply

Also make sure that the private IP is your computer's IP address

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The name of the rule does not matter at all. You could call it "Rice Chex" or "Ferdinand's Revenge" or "Portal of the Elder Gods" for all the difference the name makes. If there's a pre-existing rule, check it and make sure it does what you want it to do. Some routers have predefined rules you can choose, that contain predefined ports for particular applications. Predefined ports do not apply to Bittorrent generally, and BitComet particularly. Bittorrent can use any port(s) at all, and there's no "standard" port, nor any benefit in having one. Use your own listen port. See the guidelines about that elsewhere.

Some routers call this process "port forwarding", while others like yours call it "virtual server". There's no difference (so far, anyway). A lot of routers will also ask you to specify the protocol. This one apparently doesn't, or may do so in a subsequent screen. If it does, the protocols you want are TCP and UDP. You want both of them. If you have to choose one or the other, then make two rules, one for each. IF the offered choice includes ANY, then take that.

Apart from port forwarding, not having the DSL indicator means something's wrong, and you'll need to figure that out. It's a separate issue -- the cable's not plugged in, or is plugged into the wrong socket, or the modem's not powered up -- it means the router's not getting a signal from the modem for whatever reason.

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